Ny nordisk varumärkesplatform för Scandic.
Framtaget tillsammans med vännerna på DRUM samt med förstärkning av Johan Holmström.


When you're in a new city, it's always nice to have a friend there.
When you don’t have the strength to stay with your parents on a visit to your hometown;
or when that dream weekend in an unknown place needs an extra bit of spice; or when divorce
is looming in the air; or the children have been screaming every night this week…
then it’s really time to have a friend close by.

Unfortunately, few of us have friends based in 280 different places.
Especially friends who can offer their own room, a breakfast buffet, gym, and conference facilities.
A friend who works hard every day to become an even better friend by making smart,
sustainable choices – not just for you, but also for the outside world.

Scandic is that friend for many people.

Our focus is always on what the guest needs, rather than what we want to offer.


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Bo Marcus Göransson